Thanks for stopping by. I live in a idea. The idea that most of us see the world basically the same. We have a few differences in opinion about how things ought to work, but in general we all have the same outcomes in mind. Most of us at least. There are those on the lunatic fringe of society that will not rest until the smoldering ashes of our great society are blowing in the breeze.

These radicals are vocal. Sometimes they are kind of crazy. The press gets a kick out of parading their knucklehead ideas across the screen. Then just as you think the media is going to dismiss them as the complete nut-jobs that they are, they are given a hint of credibility. Just enough to get  a few “normal” people to take notice. Now they have more than a kooky cause, they have traction and potentiality. Soon they gather voters to the ’cause’ and eventually our elected representatives.

This is why we are so divided despite the fact that 80% of us are essentially in agreement. It has become ‘Us vs Them’. It will be the end of all we hold dear if we can’t come to terms with ourselves. I believe that most Americans are actually fairly conservative. I would rate the average US Citizen as a 7 on a ten scale for Fiscal Conservatism and moderately liberal on social issues. I am a 9 on fiscal conservative issues and probably close to dead neutral on social issues.

I think that Republicans spend too much time trying pass unconstitutional laws to keep the Christian right happy. I am a Christian, I read the Bible, I believe in God as the supreme authority. But since I actually read the Bible, I know a few truths about God’s role in government and our lives. It is not our job to cast judgement on the sins of others. It is not the job of our free society to place restrictions on those who openly “sin”. Judgement is reserved for God Almighty. We get to choose our path on this Earth, but that path will lead to another path in the next life that we can only control in this life. Choose wisely.

Our politicians need to quit wasting the valuable time and taxpayers money on stupid attempts to ban gay marriage. Likewise idiot liberals need to stop trying to create an unconstitutional Atheist Theocracy. The Ten Commandments can be displayed in a public building and children can pray in school without the country falling into a Christian Theocracy. Winter break can still be called Christmas vacation, let it go already with liberal hatred towards Christians.

People in this country need worry about their own lives. If something offends you deal with it. Who cares what people say or think. Freedom is not for the weak spirited. Freedom demands that we get along. That we accept others as they are. You don’t have to hang out with a gay guy if you’re a straight Christian, but for crying out loud, stay the heck out of his business. If you think homosexual activities are a sin, then by all means don’t partake.

As for you nut-case liberals, this idea that government needs to coddle us into submission is grotesque. This nation became the greatest and most powerful ever to exist and it did so by giving everyone a fair shot at success. Yes along the way we wrongfully excluded people. There were things that were unacceptable. Our country has tried to repair these inequities but the glacial pace at which some things are achieved is largely due to our own infighting. No matter the flaws, America has provided the largest opportunity for the most amount of people than any nation ever assembled upon the face this Earth. That is why we have immigration problems, because this is a great country!

Liberty comes with a price. Personal responsibility is a mandate. I don’t want to live in a world where the government tells me how to live my life. Liberals don’t want that either. Yet liberal policies are leading us right down that path.

If we want to keep this great nation together and make it even better for all of us, then every one of us needs to accept the other as they are. Yes, murderers still go to jail. We have to have just enough laws to keep the evil from terrorizing the rest of us. But one group trying to force their ideas and or lifestyle upon another unwilling group is unacceptable.

All of our problems are solvable when we all let go of our silly notions that those who disagree with our ideas must be stopped at all cost. We will always have some fights that need to be fought, but our government should only pass laws that keep one person or group from infringing upon the rights of others. Some government regulation is good. There are always corrupt and evil people that need to be kept in line. You hear that Libertarians? But our bloated federal government is a disgrace and we need to come together as a people. Let’s stop worrying about who is sleeping with whom and what kind of reproductive equipment they are toting. Let’s stop forcing parents to send their kids to schools that indoctrinate them into liberal zombies. It is their tax money, they should choose.

We need to get government out of the way and have it serving us in the background. The foreground is for us to partake in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.