Donald Trump is Destroying his own Legacy

Donald Trump became President on January 20, 2017. Immediately the press decided it was time to throw all objectivity out the window and Democrats refused to accept the outcome of the 2016 election.

The behavior of Democrats in Congress and the mainstream news media was horrendous. Donald Trump preceded to raise the temperature with strong rhetoric and often misinformation or unverified claims, but the media and Democrats did the same thing. Trump’s behavior as President is likely to be the only thing he is remembered for. This is the most unfortunate thing not only for him, but for the country. Trump was so bad behaved at times the media felt like they could toss all journalistic creditability to get him out of office. Trump was not hard to dislike.

Trump’s policy was mostly excellent. He did things that both Republicans and Democrats would love to do but never had the stones to try it. Trump’s Presidency could have a lasting positive impact on the country as politicians now know that certain policy decisions are not the poison pill they may have thought.

  • Trump moved the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Democrats screamed it would lead us to a war in the Middle East and the exact opposite happened. The fact is that historic peace agreements and trade deals have happened between Arab nations and Israel in the wake of Trump’s bold initiative.
  • Trump’s deregulation opened up the US economy the likes of which we had not seen in decades. His tariffs on China were voraciously opposed by the Democrats and yet they worked. High paying jobs returned to America, manufacturing is up and China’s economy took a serious hit. American incomes at the bottom grew faster than incomes at the top for the first time in decades.
  • Trump’s ‘America First’ policies were largely successful. Of Americans polled leading up to this 2020 election 56% said they were better off now than four years ago. This is a the strongest positive showing since the poll began some 40 years ago.

Unfortunately the President’s piss poor behavior here at the end will be all that is remembered of his administration. Much of the very good policy he implemented will simply be forgotten or at the very least lost in the mess of a transition he has presided over. We cannot expect the news media in America to EVER tell us the truth again. They will run cover for Democrats no matter how corrupt they are and they will go after Republicans with no evidence or grounds to do so. They are already condemning all Trump supporters. That is 76 million Americans by the way. It will be easy for President Biden to undo all the good things Trump did even though it will hurt Americans because they have cast Trump as a villain and here at the end of his administration he seems willing to play the part.

Donald Trump had an opportunity here after exhausting his legal options to contest the elections results, to leave with his head held high. All of the legal maneuvering by the Trump team was legit, but in the end there simply wasn’t proof to back the allegations. He needed to concede the election and move to a smooth transition to the Biden administration, he did not. This will be his legacy just as Watergate is all anyone remembers about President Nixon. How unfortunate for conservatives as President Trump’s policies were some of the best we’ve seen since Ronald Reagan. To go out with a temper tantrum is just demoralizing.

Vice President Mike Pence has been exemplary during this whole administration delivering the goods as well as any Vice President in decades. Imagine having to follow Donald Trump around with a shovel scooping up the BS and sprinkling a sugar coating on it for America.

Moving forward if conservatives want to see real change in America they need to stop supporting America’s corrupt media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, NY Times, Washington Post, Gannet Media. Just stop consuming their product. Vote for conservatives, and do not consume the media. That is how you ‘defund’ the media. Only when their wallets bleed will they tell the truth. If 76 million Americans simply stop feeding the corrupt media with ad revenue, you will diminish their power and in some cases end there existence as the stock value will plummet.


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