Democrats Will either Save Us or Doom Us.

The fate of America is not in the hands of the Republican Party. Even if they succeed in the Autumn and retake both houses of Congress, the house is almost a certainty at this point, our country hangs in the balance and it has to be Democrats that save us.

Why Democrats? Because right now the bulk of our news media has become the defacto propaganda arm for the progressive wing of the Democrat Party. They will not report on wrong doings from the Democrats, and they will not report on the ridiculous policy and commentary coming form the fringe left. Democrats are emboldened to commit acts that 70% of the country would not approve of because no Democrats will know about it. The only news entities reporting on these fringe activities are not watched or read by Democrats. Democrats and most liberals, do not watch Fox News, nor do they read the New York Post.

One thing for certain is that many moderate Democrats are showing disappointment in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. A recent CBS poll showed that 19% of Democrats disapprove of Biden’s job performance substantially more than double the number last year. 41% of Democrats only somewhat approve which is 40% worse than last year. Furthermore well less than half of Democrats show strong approval of the President’s performance.

Many Democrats are feeling that Biden was not as advertised and how they react to that fact at the polling place will be pivotal in the future of America. The Republican Party has moved towards the center over the last 15 years. They are still right of center, but have become a more moderate and inclusive party. The Democrats however have made a hard left, tires squealing, ass end swinging wide… to the fringes. Without the truth being told about policies and the impacts on the country they may simply be unaware that it is this ultra leftist “progressive” wing that is driving a wedge between us, moving us backward on key issues such as race relations, economics, and social interaction.

I truly believe that 1/2 of Democrat voters are moderates. And if they put their foot down and vote Republican in heavy blue districts just once or twice they can change the direction of their own party. In red and purple districts this is not really an issue as you will find candidates in purple districts are usually pretty moderate and a Democrat running in a red district is usually more moderate as well. But the kooky Democrats, like their Republican counterparts are often seen in districts that are heavily one sided on the vote. In these districts, moderate Democrats need to vote Republican. This will send a message to the DNC that the progressive anti-American hate filled policy must stop. Getting elected is all politicians care about and if the radicals running the Democrat party are tossed out and their is evidence that even just 10-20% of Democrat voters went the other way, the Party will be forced to move towards the middle or become a permanent minority party.

How do I know this? It happened to the Republicans just in the last 20 years. The Republicans were socially too far to the right and Republicans and independents were not having it. We don’t have to worry much about the lunatics in the Republican Party for two reasons. One: the bulk of the news media will relentlessly hound those crazy right wingers forcing them to either dial it back or face repercussions from Republican leadership. Republicans have proven to keep those types relegated to minor commissions and non-leadership roles. Two: Republicans have done a good job keeping the leadership fairly regulated and center right these last dozen years or so.

Democrats have not been as willing to relegate the mad scientist members of the house to lower tier positions, nor will they even so much as reprimand members such as Ilhan Omar who has had some of the worst anti-semetic remarks since Adolf Hitler.

This divisiveness is being mostly brought on by progressives who are trying desperately to form a coalition of victims, segregating America on Race, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and other identities that is not only creating the divisions among us it is intended to do so. That damn pesky constitution keeps getting in the way of their plans on the left, and for them, it must be eliminated at any cost. They don’t even hide it anymore. Listen to what they say. Progressives are now unashamed to state out loud the need to eliminate the first amendment of the US constitution. Silencing dissent is now part of the Democrat platform. Ronald Reagan once said that if fascism were to come the America it will come as a liberal. And so it has come to pass in Canada to our north with Justin Trudeau and in America among the progressives.

It is important to remember my rule of thumb in politics: The 80/80/80 rule. 80% of Americans can come to 80% agreement on 80% of the issues. I truly believe that and anecdotally at least, I have found this to be true. Some people are immovable in their opinions on every single issue, but most are only immovable on some issues and are flexible on others, and some are even flexible on all the issues to a degree. As a society if we all stopped trying to out-debate the other party in a polictical conversation we would quickly find that my 80/80/80 rule is pretty damn close to spot on.

There is no need for this divided state of affairs we have in this country. It is a purposeful division intended to destroy the foundation of our American civilization so it can be remade into a fascist leftist regime. This is not some tin-foil hat conspiracy theory, progressives are saying the secret stuff out loud in front of rolling cameras on a regular basis. They feel empowered to speak the truth because the news media that Democrat voters watch will not call them out. In fact I have seen MSNBC and CNN literally run cover when these ridiculous things are said as they try and spin it into something else altogether.

The news media in America is the biggest threat to our free society. Trump wasn’t wrong when he said they are “Public Enemy #1” but saying it the way he did was not the best delivery of the message. The first amendment specifically granted the “press” protections. It is necessary to keep the government honest. But what happens when the press is no longer honest? Well you can see it right now in real time. Our country is going backwards and the press is the biggest culprit. We are headed towards a liberal totalitarian regime.

November 8th, 2022 is very important. We must send a strong message to congress and we need moderate Democrats to vote republican in the crazy liberal districts to push out the kooks. The Republicans in these districts are going to be moderate and after just one or perhaps two elections, the DNC will start backing moderate Democrats in those districts and the Dems that were temporarily voting red can resume voting blue and feel good that the crazies are out of office.

I doubt this will happen but if it does the Republicans should collect 100 seats in the house which would easily be the biggest swing in US history. But even if they don’t it is likely the Republicans are going to pick up a minimum of 50 in November. I feel like they should be able to best the 2010 election when they picked up 62.