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I have found myself at a place where I feel compelled to navigate the waters of a most notorious sea. The sea of politics and its murky waves of hate and discontent. This 2016 presidential election cycle simply cannot go without comment.

Americans find themselves disgusted with the political establishment in DC and they are lashing out with their votes for less traditional candidates in our two major parties. The Republicans are about to nominate Donald Trump and the Democrats are split between the status quo, Hillary Clinton and the “socialist” Bernie Sanders.

Many people are literally freaking out over the prospect of a Trump or Sanders presidency. Although I understand the concerns, President Trump is a bit ‘scary’ when you think about it. Honestly, in many ways Trump is scarier than Hillary or Bernie. Some of you are now scratching you heads thinking, isn’t this “intellectualconservative.org”? Yes it is but hear me out. Hillary is terrifying on many levels. Primarily it’s the depths to which her deceit and treachery will go to get what she wants that worries me the most. I just don’t trust her.

Bernie is probably the most genuine of the candidates. He isn’t masking who he is or what he is about. He isn’t taking the dirty stinky cash from the establishment. He is just out there making a bunch of promises that he can’t possibly keep. The scary part isn’t Mr. Sanders himself; it is the fact that MILLIONS of Americans have voted for him. They know what he is and what he represents and they seem to like it and want it. That factoid transcends any ‘danger’ presented by the candidate himself.

Trump is however a whole different creature. He is truly a ‘loose cannon’. Donald Trump has no loyalty to any one not named “Donald Trump”. He says whatever he wants, whenever he wants, to whomever he wants. That’s just not how it works when your President, Donald. Nations have gone to war over what amounted to a political leader ‘mouthing off’.

Part of me feels like Donald Trump would surround himself with quality people to help him run the executive office efficiently. But then the rest of me thinks about that Trump ego. I could see President Trump listening to the advisers make sound recommendations only to have him do what ever the hell he feels like. When the shit starts flying he simply looks at an adviser and says “You’re Fired”!

Whichever of these final candidates ultimately takes occupancy of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue next year, one thing remains in the way of their total destruction of all we hold dear. The Congress my friends, Congress. Barrack Obama seemingly came out of nowhere to knock Hillary out in 2008. Conservatives were terrified of this man. He had made statements and speeches in the not to distant past about America and socialized medicine that had the right wing in a frothy mouthed frenzy.

Yet upon arriving at the White House with a SUPER MAJORITY 61 votes in the Senate and a commanding control of the house in the hands of his fellow Democrats, Mr. Obama’s ‘scary’ health care plan met with ferocious resistance. The media and the President both blamed Republicans yet the bill could have EASILY passed both houses without a single Republican vote. Ultimately the bill was virtually destroyed and made into a complete clusterf*** before finally passing both houses. We are still sorting out the wreckage on that one. The results of that ridiculous debacle led to the Republicans recapturing Congress and causing a great deal of trouble for the charismatic and likable President.

Don’t worry about Bernie, he won’t be able to get his agenda anywhere even if the Democrats gain control of the Congress. The same can be said for Trump. He won’t be able to get any traction on the hair-brained ideas he has presented. But Donald may do something even worse. His tacky comments and total disregard for any kind of proper discourse is truly disturbing. He is downright disrespectful to everyone. Even the voters themselves. Have you seen the way he treats people at rallies? These are his supporters and he is rude to them. I am not talking about the left-wing party crashers, I like it when he’s rude to them, they deserve it.

The president’s power is limited. Will he have a tantrum when congress tells him “no”? Does he even realize that the true power of lawmaking in the United States lies in hands of the House and Senate? Will he try to ‘fire’ the house members that don’t play ball? Does he realize that Congress can remove him from office but not vice-versa? Does he have any clue at all how the world really works? I do not know, and that is exactly what frightens me about Mr. Trump.

America is crying out for new leadership. They no longer support the establishment politicians that are bought and paid for by special interests. Donald Trump is the manifestation of that sentiment among the conservative voters. Bernie Sanders represents that among the American left.

I don’t think Donald Trump will beat Hillary Clinton in November. I want a woman president, I really do. I think it would be good for America. I always liked Thatcher across the Pond, so why can’t we have an American ‘Thatcher’? Hillary is no Margaret Thatcher! Please America, not Mrs. Clinton, Oh please, not her.

I do believe that Trump would beat Bernie Sanders in November. Bernie is too far left even for some Democrats and most Independents. Trump is also ‘cooler’ than Bernie. Did I really just say that? Yes I did, don’t think for one second that Obama’s reelection in 2012 was not at least in part due to the undeniable fact that he was way more ‘hip’ than Mitt Romney. I bet he got a 3 point bump on the ‘cool’ factor. It doesn’t matter, Bernie is a long shot for the nomination. Unless some of this scandal material starts to become foreground stories, Hillary is a lock.  Bernie could skate right in if these email fiascos and ‘dirty dealing’ allegations against Hillary started to stick. Alas our leftist media won’t lower the boom on her. Unless she has a saucy affair involving cigars, that dog won’t hunt; see what I did there?

Quite frankly the best scenario regarding these three remaining candidates would be a Bernie Sanders Presidency. What was that I just wrote? Do I still have control of this keyboard? Have I lost all my ‘marbles’? No, actually, I haven’t.

Bernie Sanders would likely be a one term President. I am not convinced he’d live to see the next election. He’s a septuagenarian, for crying out load. Sitting presidents age like dogs, he’d be effectively 103 after his first term. He has not paraded a 96 year old mother around like John McCain did in ’08. Mrs. McCain is alive and well today at the ripe age of 104 by the way. Sure he would try to push his quasi-socialist agenda and like Mr. Obama’s disaster with health care it would die in the Congress. But a Sanders presidency could have a lasting positive impact on our damaged and corrupt system irregardless of the level of his administrative success. He may have already made an indelible mark just by his amazing run against an Democrat establishment candidate with a lot of political clout. My God, Bernie is going to take her all the way to Philly. Even if he loses the fight he’ll be like Rocky in the 15th against Apollo Creed. How many quality non-establishment Republicans never get past January because the big crooked money wipes them out.

If a 74 year old socialist can take on the establishment and go all the way to the convention, then anything is possible my friends. There is hope that the best Republican candidates may actually get a shot at the nomination in 2020. No matter how you slice it, this crazy 2016 election cycle is going to bring about a paradigm shift in both parties process regarding candidates. America may actually get a slate of two genuinely qualified and quality people in 2020 rather than the corrupted appointees of the party establishment.



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