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Republicans are in the ‘Danger Zone’

Lana? LANA? LAAAAAAANNNNAAA! WHAT! …Danger Zone. OK a little ‘Archerism’ just to lighten things up a bit. But in all seriousness, Republicans had damn well better be cautious here. They don’t have what Obama had in 2009. Let’s just be absolutely clear about this. Obama had 59 senators plus the Vice President and 255 house reps in his corner. This truly gave the President a true mandate. Republicans need to get over the euphoria of having total control of the government because that hold is tenuous at best. President-Elect Trump will enter office with 52 senators and 241 house reps. That 52 votes in the Senate isn’t going to cut it. Also of genuine importance is the fact that the Republicans did LOSE seats in both houses of Congress. Just because they had more seats up for reelection in the Senate doesn’t discount the fact they were not able to defend them!

Let’s also recognize the Democrats have 80% of the media in their corner, 99% of popular entertainers, and a deep bag of dirty political tricks they aren’t afraid to use. The Democrats are embarrassed, and more importantly, they are ANGRY. Democrats are always willing to dip below the line of decency and trust me on this, they will go deep and dark this time around. They already have, and Trump isn’t even in office yet! My God, the President of the United States is in the dirt doing dastardly deeds that HARM the country and place lives at risk, all to make a political statement and to leave Trump with difficult diplomatic problems.

The Democrat Party leadership is still being run by the 1960s hippie generation throwbacks like Nancy Pelosi who once again is the house leader for the Dems. This is the person who as Speaker of the House and third in line to the presidency said, “we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in the bill”. Seriously, she said that on LIVE Television. READ the fucking bill you idiot! She is a lunatic and ought to be wearing a straight jacket in the mental ward.

But the Democrats did something yesterday that was profound and the Republicans had better well realize just how many of the opposition members in the house are not so bitterly opposed. Why is it that I see it, but none of the pundits, PhD’s, and commentators on CNN or even Fox see it? Why is a Realtor in Vancouver able to see what the so-called experts can’t? Well my friends the leadership in the Republican party BETTER pay good freaking attention, or they will be toast in 2020.

So what on Earth am I on about here? President Barrack Obama is leaving office in a bitter shameful way. He’s leaving in a way that unlike the Clinton’s prankish exit that showed no class but didn’t do real harm, Obama is doing real harm. The “abstaining” on the UN action against Israel in which he had full veto authority is disgusting. The freshly minted 115th Congress passed a house resolution condemning the UN action against Israel with 342 yays against just 80 nays. 109 Democrats representing a HUGE majority of their caucus voted WITH Republicans on this issue. Those 109 Democrats are clearly not towing the ‘Obama is God’ line that Pelosi and others seem to have. Of the 109 Democrats that voted with the Republicans and in DIRECT conflict with President Obama, I have to believe that at least 80 of those Democrats can work with Republicans on the issue of Obamacare and a few other Trump platform issues as well.

The Republicans cannot “ram” legislation through the Senate as the Democrats will simply use the age-old blocking maneuver known as the “filibuster”. Republicans need to get the moderate Democrats on board and 109 of them in the house just showed that they are not blind loyalists to ‘Emperor’ Obama.

If we are to survive as a nation we do not want to destroy the Democrat party. What we need to do, is destroy the radical leftists that have taken that party so far to the left that our country is truly in danger of self destruction. We cannot continue this divisive line of politics that has led to either bad legislation or no legislation. Yet it seems that the Republicans are taking the same “tough line” the Dems used in 2009. How did that work out for them, by the way? They lost everything! Why would the Republicans follow that example? There are no magic beans Mr. Speaker!

Under the rule of the ‘Emperor’, we have seen a serious decline in civility, a horrendous rise in violent crime, dangerous attacks on our men and women serving as police officers, the rise of sanctuary cities that openly harbor murders just to make a political statement, the worst domestic racial relations in 50 years, the worst international relations in decades including one of our absolute strongest allies, Israel. Obama is an abject failure on all fronts and 109 Democrats just kicked him in the shorts. The Republican leadership needs to work with those Democrats and show some bi-partisan cooperation in this 115th congress; otherwise Trump is one and done and the lunatics in the Democrat party will come back in 2020. We can’t allow that to happen. The best things in America come when both parties are involved. Republicans need to raise up the moderate Democrats and crush into dust the likes of Nancy Pelosi, and Keith Ellison. The Democrat voters will do the rest in 2018.