Corona Virus is Real, The Response is Overkill

The Corona virus is real. Any group, blogger, or other nut that suggests it is not real is being foolish. This is not the first Corona virus; in fact both SARS and MERS were also a Corona virus. This outbreak is at this point no worse than the SARS outbreak and the response from governments particularly here in the US has been way too much. Now it is important with a novel virus to take precautions to control the spread because it is new, we don’t know what to expect. But shutting down restaurants and having power mad governors executing near marshal law is just lunacy.

One has to ask why we feel the need to execute draconian measures that are destroying the lives of tens of millions of people and sending our government into a deficit tailspin. If we had done absolutely NOTHING, and to be ULTRA CLEAR, I am NOT suggesting that we should do nothing, but if we had done nothing the virus would have spread across the country infecting probably half of us with a death rate of perhaps 1.5% mostly at risk seniors and people with severe underlying health concerns. The same group that struggles every year with the flu. Why do I bring this up? Because the proper response to this should have been much more measured. Before the virus took hold in the US we already knew that it was a genuine threat to the aforementioned vulnerable classes. Could we not have just quarantined the elderly and in-firmed? Was it necessary to cause a worldwide panic that has not only decimated the equity markets but has led to the near ruination of millions of people, many of whom were just recently lifted up out of poverty and finally working a good paying job. Things were starting to look solid in America, the future was rosy.

Our government, both Democrats and Republicans have screwed the pooch here and both are equally at fault. These idiots we have allowed to commandeer our government are so busy blaming each other they cannot function properly. Washington DC is literally useless. President Trump is not at fault here. He hasn’t done the best job with this, that is sure, but his opposition has done nothing either. In fact the democrats stand to gain from this economic situation since Trump really only had one card to play this November.

President Trump is annoying, but he is what he said he would be, I do admire the honesty in that. He has shaken things up and that may be why the system is trying so hard to get rid of him. I think President Trump has been excellent with China, I support the tariffs in fact I think they should be tripled, China is a bad actor. I do not like the way the President acts and the lack of a filter is unprofessional for a President. I am in no way shape or form a Trump fan-boy. I simply call it like a see it and he has been solid on some issues and rather crappy on others. On the Corona virus he has done as well as other presidents in similar situations.

To think that some in this country would be willing to wipe out the prosperity of most citizens just for a chance at power is sickening, and that seems to be at least a plausible reason for the ridiculous actions in the midst of this health pandemic. Something about this doesn’t feel right. I am not going down the tin-foil hat rabbit hole, but there is more to this matter than meets the eye.

So looking ahead to November, Trump’s inevitable victory has lost much of its steam. The Democrats have offer us one of two candidates and they as a party have snuffed out several candidates that were actually pretty good. So we are left with a self declared socialist and a very old career politician who is my no means squeaky clean, but politically somewhat moderate, burdened with a huge caveat. Joe Biden is not mentally home any longer. The man doesn’t know where he is and these “gaffes” are not the classic Joe Biden gaffes of yesteryear. Biden is not mentally fit. If he wins he absolutely will be a puppet and who might control his strings is far scarier than any crazed liberals fears over Trump 2.0.

I am not a fan of President Trump, but I can’t imagine for one second that either Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders would be a better choice. Why can’t the Democrats give us a good candidate? They are so split among hard lines between the radical left and the more establishment moderates they simply can’t seem to function. This is not something Republicans should take lightly. A fractured Democrat party is not good for anyone, not even Republicans. We need some sanity in DC and the Democrats right now are to party that has lost their minds.

Wash you hands, don’t visit you sick grandmother in person, arrange a video call, and don’t cough and sneeze all over the place. after you have mastered all of that, continue washing your hands.


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