Long Time No Post

It has been a long while since a post appeared on this blog. Politics is so divisive and ugly in America today that it is hard to conjure up things to write that are going to get real traction and not just all in agreement or all out rage against. But something that makes both sides think about the other sides point of view.

America today is on the verge of extinction. No, really we are gasping for our last breaths. Both political parties have abandoned the long game and are simply spending us into oblivion. That is how the Soviet Union failed and it seems it is how the US will fail as well.

The last time our government made any real effort to curb spending was back in 1998 when Republicans in Congress delivered to President Clinton a balanced budget which he signed. Now the budget wasn’t really balanced, as the government took surplus Social Security funds and moved them into the general fund to “balance” the budget. But the fact that they were close enough that those surpluses could even cover it, says volumes about the “old” Republican Party versus today’s Republicans that spend like drunken sailors. It also shows just how moderate Bill Clinton was as President. I have never been a fan of Clinton, but compared to President Obama and Candidate Hillary Clinton, William J is MUCH better.

President Trump has done some effective things as President yet he sees no love really outside of the sycophant crazies. This is as much the President’s fault as it is the media. Their can be no doubt that the bulk of the “news” media has a heavy bias against President Trump. That is a real problem for our country as we need to return to real journalism that seeks the truth; not partial truth, truth with a spin, or outright misinformation, like we have today. But President Trump continues to punish himself with self-inflicted wounds. He often acts like a spoiled ten-year old.

Both parties are guilty of essentially doing nothing to further the cause of America’s success. Again, President Trump has made some executive moves that are undeniably helping the economy. But $898 billion deficit for ONE budget year? Come on man! Republicans have control of both houses, they can’t really blame the democrats here.

The only solution is a solution that cannot happen with out a civil war. The DC juggernaut will NEVER relinquish any power. But that is what must happen. The federal government needs to be cut in HALF or MORE. It’s not that half of the government services have to go, but rather they need to be moved to the states. States are more accountable to the people and tend to be much better managers of fiscal matters. Also programs that are popular in one state can be expanded but in another eliminated or reduced as the people of those states wish it.

The federal government needs to disband all departments except the big three, Dept. of State, Dept. of Treasury, and Dept of Defense. Everything else should be relegated to the states. But that can’t happen, because ‘we the people’  allowed the beast to grow too big. Now the beast will devour us all.

Unfortunately, we live in a country filled with people who are not just happy to be free to choose the lifestyle they want, to chase the dreams they have, you know, the pursuit of happiness. Rather we now live in a country filled with people who want to pursue happiness and force everyone else to pursue the same happiness they want. Therein lies the crux of our troubles.



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